What The Heck Is E Waste?

E Scrap or E Waste is commonly known in the recycling industry as Electronic Recyclables.  With all of the electronic products on the market today it is important to keep as many as possible out of the landfills and provide a responsible electronic waste program to help households and businesses alike to dispose of these end of life electronics.

Electronic Scrap Recyclabling


At this time Everclear Metal Recycling is accepting Computer Electronic E – Waste to be responsibly and securely recycled.  As we continue to expand this part of our metal recycling program we will ad more items that we can accept, but for now we are only accepting whole computers, motherboards, circuit boards and hard drives.

You can not throw electronic recyclables in your blue or green bin. They need to be recycled through an E Waste Program.

Providing the Fraser Valley Cities with a closer alternative right here in the community we service, we are here to help and answer any questions you may have about this and other scrap metal recycling programs we offer .

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