Let Your Scrap Pile Shrink Your Christmas Bills?

The New Year is here and some of us are looking at the Christmas bills and making resolutions for next year that include a smaller budget.  In the meantime why not let your scrap metal recyclables pile off-set the Christmas bills pile!


Household Metals


Recycling your scrap metal is always a good idea, and pocketing some cash for doing it is just a great bonus. So January & February we encourage you to clean out the garage, the back garden shed, the basement and the carport and bring us your recyclable metals.

Doing a reno?  Be sure to save those copper pipes and plumbing fixtures, cabinet and door hardware, electrical wire and metal lighting fixtures and bring them.  Want to make sure you get the most for your scrap metal?  Be sure to separate the metal by kind … don’t know the difference between copper and brass?  Call the office, speak to Susan or Sam and they will walk you through it.

Everclear Metal Recycling

Doing a BIG renovation?  You may need a bin… Call the office for more information on this *service.  Separating you metals from your drywall and wood is a great way to limit and subsidize your dump fees as the Dump does not pay  you for scrap metal recycling.


So gather up your metals recyclables.  The scale is open 6 days a week and someone in the yard will direct you.  Sam or Susan will weigh and measure your load and  you will be on your way with a little extra cash in your pocket to start of 2017!

*Bin service may have minimums or bin fees, call for details.


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