Scrap Metal In Your Home – Room By Room.

Scrap Metal is everywhere in our lives, including our homes.  From outdated and discarded appliances in the kitchen to updated door hardware throughout your home.  These items ad up especially if your moving, renovating or doing a little spring cleaning.  Let’s go through room by room to see where your metal recyclable are and put a little cash back your wallet at the same time.

The Kitchen:

  • broken or outdated appliances
  • old dishwasher, stove, fridge
  • broken kitchen hardware
  • old taps that have been replaced
  • old cutlery, forks, knives, spoons,
  • metal travel mugs that have lost their lids – bummer!
  • pots & pans that have lost their lustre
  • baking sheets that are worn and have become unsafe
  • roasting pans that have seen better days
  • wine racks that hold no wine 😉


  • plumbing fixtures that have been replaced
  • plumbing materials used in repairs
  • towel racks that have seen better days
  • cabinetry hardware and knobs that you have updated
  • old hooks that have been removed from the wall
  • magazine racks – yes people still have these!

Living Room / Family Room

  • lamps no longer in use
  • metal furniture like shelving, end tables or entertainment units
  • that tv wall mount you no longer use
  • old fireplace surrounds made of metal


  • outdated lamps
  • furniture hardware that you have updated and replaced
  • bed frames

General House Hold Items

  • old light fixtures
  • electrical wire and cords
  • door hardware and hinges
  • metal candle holders
  • metal hand rail that you have replaced
  • metal blinds & screens

Garage – (where do we begin??)

  • old bicycles
  • lawnmowers that no longer work
  • broken metal rakes, shovels, ladders
  • metal wheel barrow
  • nails, screws, bolts
  • broken files, tools
  • hitches
  • camping equipment; metal dishes, stoves, smokers
  • metal/wire fencing and hardware
  • metal shelving


Look around your home and you will find metal recyclables.  We take just about anything with visible metal on it. If the item is a combination item like perhaps a camping chair covered with canvas it is considered “dirty” in our industry and requires labor on our end.  So the “cleaner” your items are the more your items will be worth.



A few items we don’t take are upholstered furniture including mattresses, regardless of the metal springs. We also can not accept pennies (any coins actually), take those pennies to the bank and cash them in there.

If you have questions, call the office and speak to Susan or Sammie and they will happily answer your questions.

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