Spring Cleaning At Everclear Metal Recycling

Spring Cleaning begins now as we prepare for the Mission / Abbotsford Annual Spring Clean up.

This year instead of leaving your Metal Recyclables at the curb, bring them to us for Cash.  Metal has value and depending on what and how much you have, it can ad up quickly.  Bring us your old household metal fixtures, appliances, lawn equipment, hardware and more.  Check out our list of household metal recyclables for more info and ideas.


Spring Clean Up Begins Now! copy


We expect Spring Cleaning this year to be bigger and better than ever and have extra staff on site here to help with your recyclables, big loads and all of your questions.  With a drive on scale it’s easy to bring in your scrap metals to Everclear Metal Recycling.  Call us if you have more than a truck load and we can talk about arranging pick up.


Drive on Scale


Are you part of an organization that could use some fundraising?  Call us for our fundraising options for local schools, PAC, Scouts and more.  We even have a Charitable Donation option for those that have vehicles to recycle.




So however you choose to recycle this spring be sure to know the value and talk to us about how to get the most for your scrap metal recyclables.  Everclear Metal Recycling, The Valley’s Most Trusted Scrap Yard!

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